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Providing Access to Hygienic Undergarments and Menstrual Hygiene to Advance Basic Dignity for Homeless San Diegans

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Scroll through our extensive inventory of underwear, bras, bralettes, camis, and menstrual hygiene products thanks to our gracious donors: Hanky Panky, C-Panty, and individual private donors.

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Guests have a choice of either:

  • one bra and one underwear set, OR

  • two bras, OR

  • 2 underwear

Once this has been chosen, guests can get one extra item from our collections of nighties and camis.


During checkout, guests will fill out their information. Within a week, Think Dignity will personally deliver these items through contactless drop-off.

With each order, we will also be delivering a set of bags graciously donated from Purses for a Purpose, donated purses with travel-sized hygiene items.

We saw a need

Access to hygiene is important, now more than ever. We recognize the importance for access to clean and safe hygiene products and garments. Our research through narratives has shown us that the following have been used due to the lack of safe and clean menstrual hygiene products:

  • Toilet Paper

  • Ripped Pieces of Cloth

  • Socks

  • Baby Diapers

  • Menstrual Cups

The stigma surrounding menstrual hygiene has shown a lack in numerical statistics, but this does not invalidate our community's experiences. The lack of clean menstrual hygiene products and undergarments have led to various health outcomes affecting disproportionate numbers of BIPOC and the LGBTQ+ community, including:

  • Survival sex

  • Body Image Issues

  • Mental Health Issues

We created our Street Boutique under MOD (Mobile Operations of Dignity) Squad, to create a safe space to gain access to products for anyone who menstruates.


We begin with dignity.

Through donations from Hanky Panky, C-Panty, and private donors, our vision became reality.

We utilized our truck bed to create our Street Boutique, where new bras, underwear, and menstrual hygiene products are laid out for individuals to choose from. With assistance from MOD Squad, guests have the time and choice for a personal shopping experience.

Providing access to menstrual products, incontinence products, new bras and underwear not only helps restore basic dignity to homeless neighbors, but addresses that this should never have been an issue in the first place.

We move forward with dignity

Our efforts to maintain access to dignity have never been more important or critical

Our mission to advance dignity includes our guests' health. To this, we have created a first-ever online platform where guests can continue to receive a dignified experience to protect their health and safety during this pandemic.


With the assistance of our partners, guests can still choose the same items as before. Through this collaboration, guests can choose and order their items online, our staff will receive these orders, and MOD Squad will deliver each item following CDC guidelines.


Thank You to Our Dignity Defenders

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